Waterfall Creek Bear Tour

Little-known Chichagof Island is the fifth largest in the entire United States, with dozens of salmon streams that help maintain over 1,500 Alaskan brown bear.  Starting on July 15, when the salmon run should be in full swing, we schedule tours to catch the bear activity at a coastal spawning stream we call Waterfall Creek. As with Pack Creek, trips are limited to 5 people plus a guide, although at Waterfall Creek we are more easily able to accommodate requests for larger groups.

  • Either Pack Creek or Waterfall Creek offer equally excellent chances of watching and photographing bears.  
  • Maximum of five participants on every tour; however we may be able to accommodate groups up to 10.
  • Guided by Alaskan professional naturalists specializing in bear behavior and temperate rain forest natural history.
  • Fully outfitted, with rubber boots, rain gear (if needed), day pack, binoculars, and healthy snacks.
  • Similar amount of time watching bears, shorter overall tour length.
  • Easier and shorter walk along the beach.
  • Waterfall backdrop makes for dramatic photos.
  • $729/person, all inclusive price from the Juneau airport (Guide Gratuity at your discretion).
  • Trips mid-July through August.

To check availability and make reservations, simply fill out the grey form on this page with your desired dates and click “Check Availability”. If the date you want is not available, please call us at 907-209-5432.  Often we can obtain other permits and flights to accommodate you.